Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning for Personal and Professional Growth

The willingness to learn is a very important quality that enables us to achieve and realize our potential. People with a mindset to learn constantly seek knowledge and undergo transformation. Being a lifelong learner means having the ability to observe keenly and construe meaning of things around us. We can learn from everything and everyone provided we have an open mind with no mental filters.

It is unfortunate that most people do not have this attitude. They consider their qualification or degree as the final destination in the journey of learning. This attitude is detrimental to personal and professional growth. The world around is growing at an extraordinary rate; our knowledge is becoming obsolete at a faster pace than before and keeping oneself updated is a matter of survival. We can no longer be comfortable with mastering just a skill and craft and depending on it for a lifetime. We need to constantly learn, hone our skills and explore new frontiers of knowledge to live a fulfilling life and add more value to our jobs and profession.

(Blog by Vandana Madhavkumar)