Managing Time

How do you spend your time most effectively and purposefully?

This is a question that most working professionals often ask themselves. There is the ever-present demand on your time by everyone around you – at work, at home, in society. Working professionals fall into a trap of trying to ‘satisfy’ every demand, resulting in ‘satisfying’ none. What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong with time. Something is certainly wrong in the way we perceive what is important to us. How many of us can, with a clear conscience, claim clarity on what we want to achieve, gain, or fulfill in our lives? Whether at work or at home, whether professionally or personally, every one of us is guilty of ‘wasting’ our time on doing things that are often not important at all. I would say that only those things that will align with our own values and help us achieve our goals or meet our purpose can be termed as important to us. All the other things that we do are not important. I agree that 100% of our time cannot and perhaps should not be spent on doing only important things – there ought to be some time for fun, enjoyment, meaningless meandering, and unfocused abandonment.

Whether you are fat or thin, rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, man or woman you have only 24 hours a day. How meaningfully and purposefully you spend those 24 hours will determine who you are and your character.