Confronting Organisational Politics for Success

When facing organisational politics, many of us often feel upset and frustrated. It is more intimidating when someone more powerful or in a powerful position in the organisation takes a dislike to us. This is not unusual, as we cannot please everyone, and in due course we will come across someone who chooses to train his/her gun at us. They will target us and nit-pick us for everything. And we will feel helpless and bullied. Many of us may even choose to quit.

Quitting is the easiest path, but have you tried turning around and facing it head on? Taking it as a challenge and overcoming it?  Fighting it out, finding a way, and finally emerging victorious? That would do wonders to your self esteem. Surviving such a person or a situation will give you confidence to face anything. As they say ‘what does not kill you, makes you stronger’.  Do not give up easily. To quote the lines form the inspirational poem Don’t You Quit, “So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - it's when things seem worst that you must not quit”.

Being gritty will ensure that you emerge victorious in the long run. Believe in yourself, take responsibility for your actions and your future, and make informed decisions. It will definitely help if you have clarity on your dreams and goals. Let us draw lessons from the story of the seed under a rock. Sometimes we may face challenges that overwhelms us and that seems too big for us to overcome. At that moment remember the seed under the rock. The tiny seed does not fight the rock - because it cannot match it in strength, but finds a way to grow around it and finally when it becomes a tree, the rock remains...but, at its feet.

By Vandana Madhavkumar