Critical Thinking

Many of us do not often realise the importance of critical thinking skills in our daily lives. We assume that anything we hear or read can be taken at face value. Nothing wrong with this approach except that if we are required to make important decisions based on what we hear or what we read, it would be better for us to question some of them.

Critical thinking is the ability to go deeper into issues that will become relevant in our decision making process. Does what we hear or what we read follow a logical flow? Does it appear coherent? Does it conform to what we already know as proven and validated facts? Is it an opinion or a statement of fact? It is a perception (perspective) or is it the truth?

Critical thinking helps all of us in making superior decisions. It helps us to distinguish between fact and fiction. It helps us innovate, create. It helps to be leaders and not merely managers.

GRGCAS can help is improving your critical thinking skills.

By Prof S Balasubramanian