I have often wondered what would make a leader very effective and 'successful'. Apart from the numerous characteristics associated with leadership and innumerable attributes, there must be a few that would be most essential and critical. What are they?

Recently, during my discussion with a colleague, a thought struck me. Can we, in essence, say that the three most important pre-requisites for effective leadership would be purpose, passion, and perseverance?

In anything that a leader attempts, there must be a core purpose; a purpose that is larger, grander than the gains of the short term or the immediate; more impactful than materialistic achievements.

The purpose should be driven by an unbridled passion; the passion should be evident, should be contagious, should be all-pervasive. The passion should be authentic, from the heart, and compelling.

It is likely that there will be 'failures' in the attempt; there will be setbacks, mistakes, errors of judgement. It is OK to be wrong; it is OK to make mistakes; so long as the leader draws lessons from them. A leader cannot and should not give up the purpose; should not give up on efforts. Perseverance is the key.

Blog by Prof S Balasubramanian