Skill Sets for Managerial Hierarchy

Are you aspiring to be successful in your managerial career? Then you need to master managerial skills. Robert Katz has identified three types of managerial skills - Technical skills, Interpersonal or People skills, and Strategising or Conceptualisation skills. Typically a career in management starts with level one - first line management and progresses to level two or middle management and finally, senior or top management. Each of these levels requires a predominance of one skill set over the others, which is a combination of these skills in different proportions.

Technical Skills - These skill sets are the knowledge or competence to perform specific tasks. Technical skills are most important for the first-level managers. At higher hierarchical levels these skills become less significant and top managers hardly require it.

Interpersonal Skills or People Skills - These relate to a manager’s ability to work with and through other people in teams. These skills enable managers to effectively lead and motivate employees to achieve organizational objectives. Interpersonal management skills are essential for all hierarchical levels in the company though it is most essential for middle management.

Conceptual Skills - These skills relate to the knowledge or ability of a manager to predict future challenges based on the 'big' picture and accordingly strategize and plan. This skill is most important for top-level managers.

To get an entry-level position, you’ll have to be technically competent at the tasks you’re asked to perform. To advance, you’ll need to develop strong interpersonal and conceptual skills. The relative importance of different skills varies from job to job and organization to organization, but to some extent, you’ll need them all to navigate a managerial career. Also, throughout your career, you will have to communicate ideas clearly, use your time efficiently, and take right decisions.

If you are stuck at the first or second level and aspire to move up the hierarchy, you need to acquire the skill set required at the next level. A course in management will help you achieve your career goal. Learn while you earn by joining a part time course in management offered by an institute of repute in your town. You can thus develop each skill set through learning and practical experience as a manager.

GRG Centre for Advanced Studies, Coimbatore offers a part time 23-week course – Certificate Programme in Management for Executives (CPMX). Completing the course will help you transition smoothly to the next level in your career progression.

Blog by Vandana Madhavkumar