We have been witnessing a greater number of young persons making non-conventional career choices. The young generation of today appears very knowledgeable, keen and enthusiastic, charged up. They want to make a change and make a difference.

I have a formula for their success. It is called the three Ps of Success - Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance.

There must be a purpose in whatever we choose to do. This purpose must be more than anything that is short-term, anything that is materialistic, anything that is transient. The purpose must be greater than the present gains. It must be more fulfilling than the temporary joy and happiness.

Then, there must be a passion with which we pursue the purpose. Without passion and the resultant commitment, no purpose can be served. Passion must be seen, must be felt, must be contagious. Passion that is deeply entrenched and authentic.

Without the third P - perseverance - nothing can be gained. Perseverance must be the willingness to get up and run again and again. All of us will fail, will make mistakes. But, can all of us go on and on without losing heart?

Blog by Prof. S. Balasubramanian