The New Face of Work

It is now evident that our work and lives have been irrevocably altered. It is also undeniable that technology has played a significant (perhaps, the only significant) part in the alteration. New challenges have emerged and new norms at home and work have evolved. It is just not the same as it was. We need to recognise this change and adapt ourselves to it if we have to survive and develop.

What are some of these changes? For one, virtual meetings, seminars, webinars, and programmes have now come to be accepted in organisations. These do have their own constraints, limitations, and inadequacies. But they serve to save on executive time, travel, cost, and the problems associated with dislocation. They also do not offer the major advantages of a person-to-person interaction and networking. Another, communication has become faster, almost instant, rendering expedited decision making. Third, many of the routine, mundane tasks can now be performed by machines and we do not need humans for these.

Personal and professional relationships too have experienced a change. Some would say that personal relationships have become more intimate and more valued. There is an increased awareness for professional etiquette, courtesy, compassion, and collaboration. There is a greater recognition of the importance of emotional intelligence. These changes need adaptation at the individual level.

These are just some of my stray thoughts for reflection.

by Prof S Balasubramanian