According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, corporate learning and development and transforming employee careers, emerged as the second most important trend. For employees, career now means lifelong continuous learning, reinventing themselves and finding their calling. They expect organisations to provide an enriching learning experience and an opportunity to grow. Consequently, the employment brand of an organisation is driven to a large extent by opportunities it provides for career growth.

Learning environment today is shaped by the explosion of digital learning content, changing nature of work, need for interdisciplinary skills development, older generation getting replaced by millennials, longer careers and increasing employee mobility. To be successful, companies and HR heads must recognise these trends and change accordingly. The learning function is an important strategic business area and must focus on innovation and leadership development, promote lifetime learning for longer careers, and create multifunctional teams. Leading companies are adopting flexible learning models and investing on new employee learning systems and tools that has entered the market.

Learning and Development heads must recognise the new future of careers and become the catalysts in transitioning to new models of learning. They must become flexible content curators rather than rigid content creators. They must deliver learning solutions and inspire employees to reinvent themselves and find their calling by creating the environment and systems that allow them to constantly learn and relearn.

Blog by Vandana Madhavkumar